April 10, 2015


Your stone counter top, vanity, floor or a fireplace is a great asset, which adds value to your home. Unfortunately they can be easily damaged during installation or through wear and exposure. Accidental cracking, scratching and staining as well as use of improper cleaning chemicals can diminish the most beautiful stone to a dull, characterless surface. In most cases we can affordably repair and restore the damaged surface to its original beauty and shine.

All the services provided are for granite and marble, including, but not limited to: kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, fireplaces, walls and floors.


Our main field of specialization is repairs of cracks, chipped edges, broken corners, deep surface scratches, damaged seams, stains, acid burns, craters, and other defects.

To provide high-quality repairs we use StoneLux™ comprehensive repair system. StoneLux™ is based on the light-curing technology utilized in dentistry. A wide range of colours is allowed us to get a perfect optical integration into natural and engineered stones. We guarantee over time colour stability and non-yellowing on repaired surfaces. A repair of small/medium crack damage will usually be achieved within a single appointment, lasting 1 to 3 hours.


Over time moisture, waxes, and dirt may seep into the stone’s pores resulting in stains. For example, accidental spills of lemon or orange juice, coffee, tea, wine may cause permanent blotches. To remove any of such blemishes, we use tested and proven cleaners appropriate for the surface being treated.


Our other field of specialization is sealing of natural stone. To protect and increase the longevity of kitchen or bathroom stone surface, it is necessary to perform sealing on annual basis (12 to 18 months). The main resulting benefits are: stains resistance, color enhancing, brighter surface and ease of cleaning.