April 10, 2015


What area do you service?

The Stone Doctor services the Southern Ontario region, including:

  • GTA
  • North to Barrie
  • South to Niagara region
  • West to Kitchener/Waterloo
  • East to Oshawa
  • and others*

Please contact us for details.

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What do you charge?

Every project is different. The cost will depend on the time it takes to complete the task, materials used, and possibly customer’s location. Please contact us for more details. When emailing, please include:

  • A photo of the damaged area with a coin, pen or keys next to it for scale.
  • Your address or city/intersection.

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What technology do you use for repairs?

To repair small or medium damages in natural or engineered stone surface we use the advance light-curing StoneLux™ technology.

StoneLux™ is internationally recognized as high-quality comprehensive repair system that produces true-to-nature results. The repairs achieve perfect colour match and a three-dimensional effect closely resembling the stone surface. Other benefits include:

  • Fast repairs in a single appointment, on average lasting 1-3 hours
  • High surface quality and durable luster
  • Colour stability and non-yellowing
  • Better clarity and more reflective
  • No mechanical damage to neighbouring surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

For more details visit StoneLux™ website.

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What is the “sealing” of the granite and marble?

Sealing granite and marble surfaces consists of impregnating the stone surface with silicones and filling the voids in the seams. The sealers are indented to protect the surface by preventing water and oils to be absorbed by the stone. However, no sealer in the world will be able to protect marble or granite from physical damage or acid burns. On the other hand, it does provide a small window of opportunity to remove the corroding substance before sever damage occurs. Acids will etch the granite and marble surface, however if the damage is not too extensive Stone Doctor can surely resolve the problem.

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How do I know if my stone has been sealed? Does my stone need to be re-sealed?

There is a simple test to evaluate if your stone needs has been sealed or needs to be re-sealed:

  1. Assure that the surface is clean, dry and wax free
  2. Pour a small amount of water (about 1″ in diameter)
  3. Let the water sit for a while (5 to 10 minutes)

If the water remains in its original drop like form, the seal is still intact. However, if the stone appears to darken, that means that the liquid is beginning to be absorbed by the stone, and the stone is now susceptible to stains. It is time then to call Doctor Stone!

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How often should marble and granite be sealed?

For the stone to maintain its best appeal, the sealer application should be performed on annually basis (12 to 18 months).

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What is a seam? How does it get repaired?

A seam is where two pieces of stone join together. Seams can fail due to stress along the seam line. These include:

  • Settling of the cabinets
  • Movement of the floor
  • Uneven counters
  • Seepage of moisture, waxes and dirt
  • Insufficient support of the granite countertop when it was installed

We strongly recommend DO NOT to try repairs yourself for several reasons. Stone is heavy and hard to manipulate once it is in place. It is also possible to break or damage the stone. To get a tight seam, it’s best to call your stone specialist.

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What payment methods do you accept?

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*Additional charges may apply to more remote locations.

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