April 10, 2015

Stone Maintenance

Whether you have marble or granite it is not immune to wear and tear. With time stone surfaces begin to deteriorate and lose their sparkling finish. However, you can follow a few simple guidelines to keep your counters and vanities looking their best.


  • Use a non acidic neutral soap with warm water to clean the stone.
  • Wipe up spills quickly.
  • Check the stone every few months to see whether it is properly sealed.
  • Dust, mop stone floors on regular basis to remove lose dirt and dust.
  • Use floor mats and carpets for entrances especially in the winter.


  • Use vinegar, acidic or citrus cleaners, or any product with ammonia to clean the stone.
  • Allow common household cleaners to come into contact with the stone. (ex. Windex, Vim etc.)
  • Leave sharp objects such as keys, knives etc. on stone surfaces including granite.
  • Allow any kind of oil, wine or citrus juices to sit on the stone for an extended period of time.

Following these guidelines will help to keep your stone looking new and stain free. A properly sealed counter top or floor will be able to resist harmful liquids long enough for you to clean them up. However if not cleaned, harmful spills will penetrate the surface and leave a stain, even on newly sealed stone.

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