Toronto's marble, granite, engineered stone, and ceramic repair.


Stone Doctor is a Toronto company specializing in stone repair of granite and marble countertops and vanities. We service most of Southern Ontario.
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Our main field of specialization is repairs of cracks, chipped edges, broken corners, deep surface scratches, damaged seams, stains, acid burns, craters, and other defects.

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Over time moisture, waxes, and dirt may seep into the stone’s pores resulting in stains. For example, accidental spills of lemon or orange juice, coffee, tea, wine may cause permanent blotches. To remove any of such blemishes, we use tested and proven cleaners appropriate for the surface being treated.

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Our other field of specialization is sealing of natural stone. To protect and increase the longevity of kitchen or bathroom stone surface, it is necessary to perform sealing on annual basis (12 to 18 months).

Stone Doctor is often praised for quality of work and proffessionalism.